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Please read the outline of coach certification options below and follow the links for other course offerings and locations. If coaches need financial assistance, please contact the office in advance of registering for a course and we can discuss support.

See the Spring 2017 Coach Certification Course schedule posted
at the bottom of this page.

There are two main coaching certification organizations in the United States, the NSCAA (National Soccer Coaches Association of America) and USSF (US Soccer Federation). Both are highly respected organizations. The biggest difference between the two is that USSF candidates are asked to participate in the courses as a player. You are required to play unless you have an injury waiver. NSCAA courses may have you participate as a player, but more often observe as a coach, using players for demonstration.

USSF Coach Course Pathway:
USSF courses start with the F license, which is a 2-hour online course about rules of the game. After that, you can pursue the E which goes up through U12, and the D which goes up through U14. The F, E and D are taught though the state organizations, so in our case they are taught through NH Soccer Association (See course descriptions and schedule here.). The higher level USSF A, B, and C licenses are taught by US Soccer teaching staff in various locations and times throughout the year. Click here to learn more about the USSF National Coaching School.

NSCAA Coach Course Pathway:
NSCAA courses are taught at various sites around the country by NSCAA coaches and have nothing to do with the state organizations. The NSCAA courses are slightly different than the USSF courses in terms of length of course, topics covered, age groups addressed, etc. NSCAA starts with Youth Levels 1-4, which cover ages 5-12 years. Following that is Levels 5 and 6, which cover ages 11-18 years. Then they offer a High School Diploma, a National Diploma, an Advanced National Diploma, and a Premier Diploma, all for U15 and up. Click here to learn more about the National Soccer Coaches Association of America and to see all their course offerings around the country.

National Coaching Symposiums: Often national coaching symposiums offer coaching licenses during their 2-3 day events. You can attend workshops by nationally recognized coaches and also earn your certificate, which you can complete by the end of the long weekend, often for no additional cost. This is a very economic and efficient way of getting it done.

USSF Spring 2017 Coach Certification Courses:

1. USSF F License
The USSF F License is a $25 on-line webinar that has been created by US Soccer. The course is an introductory course designed to help coaches build a foundation of understanding the characteristics of youth players. Officially, the course is intended for players between the ages U5 and U9, however, the information shared in the on-line course is valuable for ALL ages.
You can access the course at:

2. USSF E License
NHSA will hold three USSF E License courses during March and April.

The first two courses will be held on Saturday and Sunday, March 18 and 19, 2017.
One course will be held in Dover and the other course will be held in Conway.

The third course will be held on Sunday 4/9 and Saturday 4/15 in Manchester.

To register for any of these courses go to:

NOTE: the USSF F License is prerequisite for the USSF E License.

The USSF E License is an important license that builds on the information from the USSF F License and focuses on the art of creating a dynamic learning environment for youth players. The course focuses on U9-U12 players, but the material is applicable to players U9 to U18. Ultimately, the qualities of being a good teacher and coach are important for all ages. NHSA would like that ALL coaches in NH have a minimum of a USSF E License for their coaching certification.
You can register for the courses at:

3. USSF D License
NHSA will hold a USSF D License on Sunday 4/9, Saturday 4/15 and Saturday and Sunday 6/24 & 25, in Manchester.

The USSF D License is the highest coaching course administered by state associations. It is an important license and the next step in the journey of coaches in their development of their teaching skills. The USSF D License focuses on players U13-U15. The course curriculum covers the technical and tactical keys to the 11v11 game and how to plan micro and mesocycles of a team's training program. The USSF E License is a prerequisite for the USSF D License.
You can register for the course at:

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