Ordering Uniforms from Admiral

What to Order: Travel team players must order a Player Game Kit (game uniform) and a Player Training Kit (training uniform). Player pool players are only required to order a Player Training Kit. Some players choose to order the optional Player Travel Kit. 

How to Order: When you place your order, you will be asked to select your team. and then you will select the player's name from a drop-down menu. This will connect the jersey number we have assigned to your player with your order. 

Please note that our Player Game Kit will have a new design for the fall 2019 season and all players will be required to purchase a new kit then, so we recommend that players returning for the spring 2018 season try to use their current kit for one more season. 

Click here to order from the LSC Admiral Webstore


current uniforms


Fall 2019 Uniforms

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