LSC Playing Time Policy


LSC Playing Time Policy

Lightning Soccer Club is dedicated to the development of all its players. Coaches strive to balance playing time as much as possible, taking into account both the needs of the individual player and the needs of the team as a whole. Beginning at U12, playing time gradually transitions from equal to earned, and during tournaments, including State Cup, playing time may not be equal if it is in the best interest of the team for advancement.

U11 and under: All players shall play a meaningful part in every game. 

U12 to U14: All players shall play a meaningful part in every league game. Playing time during State Cup and tournament games may be adjusted for the benefit of the team to advance; coaches will make every effort to balance playing time over the course of the season.

U15 and above:  Playing time is not equal or guaranteed and must be earned. Coaches will make every reasonable effort to ensure that all players get some playing time. 

Please note that our Playing Time Policy applies only to players who are meeting LSC's team commitment expectations. Playing time is not guaranteed to players who fail to meet these expectations. Please see our Team Commitment Policy for more information.