LSC Payment Policy


LSC Payment Policy

Full payment for participation in a Lightning Soccer Club program is expected prior to the start of the season. A player may not participate in any Lightning Soccer Club practices or games until the registration fee is paid in full, unless arrangements have been made with LSC's Business Manager. 

Scholarship Requests: The Bobby Clark Scholarship Fund was established to help defray the costs to those players and families who otherwise may not be able to participate in Lightning. Since LSC receives many requests and has limited scholarship funds available, these scholarships (typically in the form of a reduced fee) are granted to the most qualified applicants based on:

  • Financial need (i.e. LSC fees will cause financial hardship)

  • Commitment to LSC as the applicant’s primary extracurricular commitment for the season.

Please see the Scholarship Fund page for more information, how to submit a request, and application deadlines.

Travel Team Payment Plans: For those players and families that find it difficult to make one full travel team fee payment in one payment by the due date, we do offer a payment plan. Payment plans are available using your credit card online when you accept your player's roster placement. These are no interest, no fee payment plans. If you are unable to make installments with your credit card, please email us: at to discuss other options.

Team Withdrawal/Release Fee: Any player who withdraws from a travel team after rosters have been posted and prior to paying their seasonal team fee is subject to a $100 withdrawal and release fee by either forfeiting their $100 tryout fee, or being invoiced a $100 Withdrawal/Release Fee. See the Refund Policy for details regarding withdrawal from a team during an active season of play.

Unpaid Fees: A player with fees that are past due (over 30 days), and who has not made an attempt to work out a payment plan or submitted a scholarship request by the due date, will be placed in bad standing with Lightning Soccer Club until the financial obligation has been resolved. A player in bad standing with LSC may not be rostered on a team with the league, issued a player pass or participate in practices and/or games. In the cases of families with multiple players, an "in bad standing" status of one player will apply to all players in a family, if applicable. Additionally, a late fee may be charged for late payments.

Payment issues should not be discussed with coaches. Please contact the LSC Business Manager with any questions or issues.